Why won’t you let me go?

I was born on November 20th 2001.

A Scorpio.

The stars in the sky tell me i’m crazy and sometimes I think they’re right.

Because when people get too close I push them away and I need the piano to cry.

I imagine everything in my head but nothing seems to go how I want it.

Nothing makes sense until I write it on paper and even then I can’t articulate my own thoughts.

I hate running but I can’t stop running from what I feel.

I always fall for the ones who never love me back.

I write songs and poems about you and even the ones that aren’t about you are still about you.

I have planets in my head that I escape too and sometimes I imagine myself flying through space.

I envy the stars and all the worries they don’t have.

In my dreams I cry and let the world fill with tears,

and although i’d never admit it they aren’t all from laughing too hard.

I’m afraid of the dark and everything else I can’t see.

And still I wonder how the stars seem to know me so well. How this constellation determines who i’ll be.

Because i’m scared i’ll be just as useless as a galaxy full of all the same stars.

I’m scared i’ll be stuck between these mountains forever,

that i’ll never be someones sun.

I’m afraid to open this spaceship.

Because maybe all this emptiness makes it’s harder to breathe.

This Stars no longer shining and I’m getting pulled too fast,

Why won’t you let me go?


Like they use too

I don’t know anything anymore,

maybe I never did.

But when I play this song my fingers don’t hit the keys like they use too

this Melancholy medley wont put my feelings to sleep.

Now you see me

Walking down the hallway in slow motion,

and everyone seems to know my name.

But I never knew it.

I know this school is big but maybe we’ve crossed paths,

you might of seen me cheering at the game.

Everyone seems to remember me that way.

Everyone seems so interested when I yell “Go Knights”.

But maybe I have more to say.

Could it be that these hallways are too small.

So crowded but we keep pushing further and further apart.

Maybe you stared at your own reflection for too long,

You never saw me.

Too scared to look away because you might not recognize yourself.

Thats why we never write about the person we see in the mirror.

Because maybe we don’t see them.

Theres not enough days in these 3 years.

But it stills feels like we have too much time.

This games going into overtime.

Everyones so small from up here,

and maybe it was impossible to see me from these football bleachers.

But I was here.

I was Always Here.


Summer was just a kiss

White t shirts and high waisted shorts,

walking to the small house on the corner.

Don’t know who lives there now.

friends playing basketball across the street but we’re sitting in the shade.

It gets dark too fast, and we all swarm inside.

Sitting too close on the couch we all knew something was bound to happen,

“I’m tired”

“Me too”

Why didn’t we just go to sleep.

The televisions too bright for this,

hell I think a pitch black rooms too bright for this.

Maybe Summer was just a kiss and that’s all I remember.

Worst summer ever